Warren County Ohio Sheriff's Office


  • Warren County Sheriff's Office
  • 822 Memorial Drive
  • Lebanon, Ohio 45036
  • Phone: 513-695-1280
  • Hours
  • Monday - Friday
  • 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Groups of four or more will need to schedule an appointment in advance.
Webcheck Application

WebCheck is an internet-based program for conducting fingerprint-based civilian background checks. This program reduces the return time of civilian background checks to as little as several hours when no criminal history record exists.

In 1993, the Ohio General Assembly passed numerous state laws requiring background checks for certain occupations including individuals who work with children, those who work with the elderly, certain licensed professionals and persons working in the financial industry. New legislation outlining background check requirements has continued to pass since this time and the number of background checks increases annually.

WebCheck Fees
BCI (Ohio Only) $35.00
FBI (Federal Only) $35.00
Both (BCI & FBI) $65.00
Ink Rolled Fingerprints $10.00 per person

A photo ID or driver's license is required.

Must provide exact address for the WebCheck results to be mailed.



A parent or guardian will have to be present for any WebCheck applicant under the age of 18.

We are happy to provide this service to you, but we cannot advise what type of transaction you need (BCI only, FBI only, or a combination FBI/BCI). Please know in advance what type of transaction you need.

Reason codes are required for all BCI and FBI background checks. Refer to these code lists: BCI or FBI. If you are unsure which code applies to you, please contact Ohio BCI.

We will do our best to minimize the time it takes to complete the WebCheck or fingerprinting process, but during busy times there may be a wait involved.

Please be aware that the results may take up to two weeks or more to be mailed from the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation and/or FBI.